The fall season is beloved by men and women in Maryland and the Washington DC area for many reasons. The cooler weather, the stylish wardrobes, and the holiday season are all just around the corner. At Capital Laser & Skin Care, we also love the fall season because it is an excellent time for men and women to have a fresh start with their skin thanks to dermal fillers

Fillers Help with a Variety of Concerns

If you are new to the world of fillers, you may not realize the entire range of skin concerns that dermal fillers can help address. This is why fillers often appeal to so many different people. Whether it is a woman in her twenties wanting to repair acne scarring or a man in his sixties trying to reduce signs of aging, fillers can help them both effectively achieve their goals and enhance their appearance.

Could dermal fillers help with your skin concerns? Our fillers offered at Capital Laser & Skin Care help to add volume to the face, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, address scarring, diminish the appearance of crow’s feet and laugh lines, smooth aged hands, and even plump up the lips. We’re proud to offer different types of filler material so there will be a filler type that is a good match for all of our clients.

Fillers Require Minimal Downtime

Many of our clients have some hesitancy about facial treatments because they are worried about taking time off of work. This is another reason why we recommend dermal fillers to our clients—downtime is almost always minimal (if any). In fact, our dermatologists Dr. Tanzi, Dr. Peters, and Dr. Shah care so much about their clients’ results that they utilize AccuVein® technology before filler treatments. AccuVein allows them to minimize the bruising from the fillers by first identifying blood vessels. We even offer complimentary laser treatments in the rare case the bruising does occur as a part of our Gentle-Injectables Promise™.

Dermal Fillers Can Restore Confidence

You might be shocked how empowering a simple dermal filler procedure can be. Men and women who have struggled with their self-image for years suddenly love passing by the mirror. Many people look forward to showing off their new youthful appearance to friends and family. Perhaps even that upcoming high school reunion doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

At Capital Laser & Skin Care, we prioritize natural looking skin results and minimal downtime. You don’t have to fear unnatural facial movements or looking like you’ve had work done. We take time to ensure the precise amount is injected to give the most satisfying and natural results possible. Our team is extremely experienced in applying fillers to our Maryland patients so you can be confident that you are in the best of hands.

Try Dermal Fillers This Fall in Chevy Chase

To be honest, there are far more than three reasons to try out dermal fillers. There are many benefits of dermal fillers that our fantastic team at Capital Laser & Skin Care would love to discuss with you in an effort to find the perfect match for you and your skin. If you are interested in dermal fillers, please schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Tanzi, Dr. Peters, or Dr. Shah in Chevy Chase, Maryland today.