Microneedling has become a very popular treatment in aesthetic medicine because of its versatility, easy recovery and high patient satisfaction. During the treatment, an advanced hand-held device with tiny microneedles is used to create controlled micro-injuries within the skin to stimulate the natural healing response of the skin. As a result, there is an increase of collagen and elastin production as well as growth factors within the skin. Over time, the skin looks brighter, smoother, softer and more vibrant. Microneedling treatments can be used to improve sun damaged skin, fine lines, and wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars.

Microneedling Treatments at Capital Laser & Skin Care

At Capital Laser & Skin Care, our board-certified dermatologists perform microneedling treatments. During your microneedling consultation, we listen to your concerns to develop a personalized approach to target your specific skin needs. Our physicians expertly tailor the treatment by adjusting the depth based on particular skin needs, location, and the skin condition being treated.

About Your Recovery and Results

Microneedling treatments are quick and require minimal downtime. The treatment feels like a vibration or, in certain areas, similar to sandpaper gliding over the skin. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is moderately pink. Makeup can be applied the morning after treatment. The total healing time depends on the depth of treatment and number of passes performed. On average, the treated skin is pink for one to three days. Within a week, most patients already notice a pretty “glow” to their skin. Depending on your unique concerns, we may recommend a series of three to four microneedling sessions at about four to six-week intervals. Once your desired result is achieved, one or two maintenance treatments each year can help to keep your skin looking healthy and refreshed.

By developing treatment plans focused on the specific goals of each individual patient, we are able to achieve a refreshed appearance of the skin that looks completely natural.

Renew Healthy Skin with Capital Laser & Skin Care

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