After dropping over 200 pounds, makeup artist Simone Anderson found that not only had her body changed, her face had too. Speaking candidly in an Instagram post, Anderson shared, “One place that I don’t think many people would think it would occur is the face.” Referring to weight loss, Anderson explained, “My cheeks sagged leaving me with big indent lines around my nose to mouth.”

Ms. Anderson is not alone! Many men and women find that weight loss affects their appearance far beyond their waistline!

How Weight Loss Affects the Face

While we expect our face to lose its natural fullness as we age, weight loss can exasperate the aging process. Unbeknownst to many, fat is the very thing that supports the skin and keeps it taut. Hollowed cheeks, sagging skin, and loose jowls can result from the loss of our natural fat padding and, like in Anderson’s case, make fine lines, facial indents, and sagging skin more noticeable.

Anderson told People Magazine, “I started looking into options of what I can do to rejuvenate the face, and that’s when I discovered fillers.” Restoring volume, dermal fillers “fill” in shallow areas and folds and are able to fill out lines, wrinkles, and indentations as well as firm up sagging facial skin. Like with aging, dermal fillers combat volume loss due to weight fluctuation by giving the face a youthful-looking roundness.

“I could not be happier with the results!”

“It’s been incredible,” Anderson says. She credits dermal fillers with her new look, “I was doing everything in my power to disguise [the lines on my face], but now I don’t have to worry about it because they have disappeared.” Anderson continues, “I look youthful, as I should at 25 years old. It instantly improved my self-confidence. I really like looking at myself in the mirror.”

Be Like Simone! Dermal Fillers at Capital Laser & Skin Care

We have a variety of soft tissue dermal fillers at Capital Laser & Skin Care. Popular hyaluronic acid fillers, like Juvéderm® and Restylane®, are popular for men and women looking to instantly restore natural fullness. Sculptra® is a wonderful alternative for those with more time or patience. By stimulating collagen production deep within the dermis, Sculptra reinforces the skin’s support structure to give the skin an added boost.

Have you recently lost weight and noticed a change the fullness of your face? See why Simone Anderson is singing the praise of dermal fillers by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Peters, Dr. Shah, or Dr. Tanzi at our Washington DC area practice.