Move over ladies, men love CoolSculpting too! At Chevy Chase’s Capital Laser & Skin Care, we get it—men also want to look good and feel confident! CoolSculpting has quickly become one of our most popular and successful treatments for men.

Fat Reduction Where Men Need It

There is only so much that a healthy diet and regular exercise can achieve. Stubborn pockets of fat that are seemingly resistant to even the best attempts and hardest workouts keep many men from achieving their ideal body. Whereas women tend to retain weight around their hips, buttocks, and thighs, men tend to carry the bulk of their excess fat around the mid-section. It makes sense then, that men are especially worried about sculpting their abdomen. At Capital Laser & Skin Care, men commonly ask for help with their spare tire, love handles, beer belly, and belt bulge.

Taking advantage of the science behind cryolipolyisis, CoolSculpting freezes the underlying fat cells and is able to effectively target unwanted fat around the stomach area. By reducing fat upwards of 25 percent in the treated area, CoolSculpting has given many Washington DC men a strong and slim stomach. When performed by an expert hand, CoolSculpting even has the ability to define a sculpted, more-chiseled appearance. Outside of the mid-section, CoolSculpting is popular for refining the chin, chest, and back as well.

A Short Treatment that Gets You Back to the Office

There is no question about it, we lead busy lives here in Washington DC. With little time to spare, men are increasingly drawn to non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures like CoolSculpting. A quick treatment with minimal discomfort, CoolSculpting can have you back in the office in no time. Many men are able to return to work or the gym on the same afternoon.

No One Has to Be the Wiser

One of the biggest concerns for men is that they do not want their colleagues or friends to know that they have had anything done. With CoolSculpting, the results are discreet because the results evolve over time with the best improvements seen three months after the treatment.

CoolSculpting for Men at Capital Laser & Skin Care

We have been so pleased with the results from CoolSculpting for both men and women at Capital Laser & Skin Care. The popularity of CoolSculpting amongst men comes as no surprise to Dr. Tanzi, Dr. Shah, or Dr. Peters as it is the most sought-after, non-surgical fat removal treatments in the world.

Men of DC! Our team at Capital Laser & Skin Care can’t wait to help you look your best with CoolSculpting!.