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Capital Laser & Skin Care physicians are often quoted in the media.

We are happy to share with you that we have been voted the best dermatology practice in Bethesda Magazine’s Best of Bethesda Reader’s Pick!!

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Can You Shrink Your Pores?
Beauty Discuss: No Fallout
Beauty Deals Derms Love
Sleep, Sugar, Sex & Your Skin
Fancy At-Home Skin Care Devices That Really Work
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Save Your Skin

Under the Sun

Women’s Health
Under the Sun
Everything Under the Sun
Sun Enemy
The Enemy Sun
Bad Beauty Habits
11 Bad Beauty Habits to Break ASAP
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8 Ways to Get Rid of Your Hangover Face
Bar Soap
What’s in Your Bar Soap?
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Body Confidence
Secret to Better Skin
The Once-a-Week Secret to Better Skin
Sugar Free Gum
Is Sugar-Free Gum Bad for Teeth–and are Mints Better?
Bye Bye Dry
Bye-Bye, Dry
Dark Circle
How to Beat Dark Circles
Kitchen Confidential
Kitchen Confidential
Eat Beautiful
What to Eat to Become More Beautiful
Be a Beauty
Be a Beauty
Investing in Skin Care
Read this Before Investing in Skin Care
Selfies and Aging
The Experts Get Real About Selfies & Aging
Investing in Skin Care
Is it Time for an Oil Change?

Investing in Skin Care

6 Ways to Say Goodbye to Scars
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