We all want to look our best throughout the holiday season—especially here in Washington DC where there are so many events, parties, and fun festivities to attend. Fortunately, at Capital Laser & Skin Care, we can have you looking your best with Fraxel Dual!

Fraxel Dual Treats a Number of Common Skin Complaints

By promoting cellular renewal and prompting collagen production, Fraxel Dual smooths the skin’s surface, lessens the appearance of skin flaws, and evens out hyperpigmentation caused by age, time, and sun damage. With a versatile and customizable treatment, Fraxel Dual is able to address and improve subtle changes, like fine lines and wrinkles, all the way to more dramatic skin irregularities including sun spots and scarring. Fraxel Dual is able to brighten dull skin, fade discoloration, and smooth out textural irregularities for a renewed and rejuvenated complexion. Fraxel Dual is targeted and area-specific, making the results even more striking and effective.

Fraxel Dual Fits Perfectly into a Hectic Holiday Schedule

Dr. Peters, Dr. Shah, and Dr. Tanzi understand just how busy this time of the year is! Limited time is one of the reasons that we recommend Fraxel Dual for holiday rejuvenation. There are many benefits to this minimally invasive laser treatment, including:

  • There is little downtime and any necessary recovery time is minimal
  • As a short, in-office treatment, Fraxe lDual fits nicely into a busy schedule
  • Light makeup easily camouflages any residual redness or swelling

Look & Feel Confident this Holiday Season at Capital Laser & Skin Care

Have your skin shining bright this holiday season with a Fraxel Dual laser treatment at Capital Laser & Skin Care. Our trio of board certified dermatologists are committed to your skin’s care and wellness. It is our goal to have you go into this merry season looking your best and feeling confident in your appearance. Dr. Peters, Dr. Shah, and Dr. Tanzi look forward to celebrating the most wonderful time of the year during your Fraxel Dual laser treatment!