CoolSculpting is a revolutionary, FDA-cleared treatment to remove fat. By crystallizing fat cells and naturally removing them from the body, CoolSculpting gets rid of stubborn fat in the abdomen, back, flank, and thighs. As the newest addition to the CoolSculpting line, CoolMini helps patients who have stubborn pockets of fat in smaller areas, including under the chin. Non-FDA cleared areas where we have also seen good results with CoolMini include above the knees and the axillary puff or “bra fat” area near the armpit. Patients who choose to have their CoolMini procedure at Capital Laser & Skin Care can say goodbye to unwanted stubborn fat once and for all.

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Treatment Area #1: Under the Chin

Patients with unwanted fat under their chin, commonly referred to as submental fullness or a double chin, usually cannot get the results they want using diet and exercise alone. A healthy lifestyle can decrease the size of fat cells, but not the number of them.

CoolMini uses a different approach. During a quick CoolMini treatment session under the guidance of a dermatologist, one of our specialists uses the handheld CoolMini device to gently cool fat cells. Shortly after treatment, fat cells crystallize and are naturally removed from the body. Multiple treatments can provide patients with maximum results, including an improved appearance of the double chin and a smooth, sculpted jawline.

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Treatment Area #2: Above the Knees

Small pockets of fat are commonly found above the kneecaps. Exercise alone is not enough to improve the appearance of fat in this area. Lunges, squats, and other exercises may be used to shape and tone the legs. CoolMini may be used to reduce fat cells and create a truly defined look.

Treatment Area #3: Around the Arm Pits

Fat accumulation around the armpits (bra fat) can be especially aggravating. Unwanted fat can draw attention away from arms that are otherwise lean and muscular. CoolMini can help patients with this problem. The CoolMini device is small enough to reach the smallest areas around the armpits and provide patients with a more defined underarm area.

Scheduling Your Initial CoolMini Consultation

CoolMini is the newest FDA-cleared treatment to the CoolSculpting line. The first step toward saying goodbye to double chin fat is scheduling a CoolMini consultation. You can contact Capital Laser & Skin Care at 301.798.9699 to schedule your initial consultation. A customized treatment plan will be created to provide you with the results you want.