Do you have red, blotchy patches on your skin that you want to reduce? If so, you might want to consider laser and light treatments for rosacea, such as Forever Young BBL™ and VBeam® Perfecta. These interventions are minimally-invasive and also extraordinarily effective. According to online data from Healthline, patients report a 50 to 75 percent reduction in symptoms from just one to three laser treatments with results lasting anywhere from three to five years! 

*Individuals Results May Vary

Rosacea Overview

Around 16 million Americans have rosacea, an inflammatory skin condition that causes red, blotchy patches to appear on the face and body. It looks just like a rash from a distance, but the source of the redness is actually tiny broken capillaries under the surface of the skin. 

It can affect anyone at any age, but it is most common in women over 30. And while creams and other topicals can reduce breakouts associated with rosacea, they don’t deal with the root of the redness problem – the broken blood vessels under the skin. Treating the redness from rosacea is exactly what lasers can address.

Types of Laser Treatments for Rosacea 

At Capital Laser & Skin Care, we use two types of lasers to treat rosacea: Forever Young BBL™ and VBeam® Perfecta. 

Forever Young BBL™ is a non-invasive treatment option that focuses precision-targeted light on broken capillaries under the skin, causing them to close up and shrink. In the weeks following treatment, white blood cells arrive at the site and clear away all the cellular debris, leaving the skin looking less red than before. 

VBeam® Perfecta works similarly. Our board-certified dermatologists Drs Elizabeth Tanzi, Geeta Shah, or Tania Peters, directs the laser at the target blood vessels to heat them. Once they reach a certain temperature, they eventually denature and die, provoking the immune system to clean them up and recycle them.

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Benefits of Laser Treatments for Rosacea

The benefits of laser treatments for rosacea are well documented. 

  • Dramatic reduction in rosacea’s appearance: The American Academy of Dermatology reports that laser interventions reduce rosacea symptoms by between 50 to 75 percent after just a single treatment. 
  • Long-lasting results: Studies suggest that one to three treatments with Forever Young BBL™ or VBeam® Perfecta can generate results that last for up to five years. 
  • Works on various skin types: Modern laser treatments are available for patients with very fair skin. 
  • No downtime: After laser therapy for rosacea, you’re free to get on with your routine immediately. In the following days and weeks, the red blotches on your face will fade, and your complexion will begin to look smoother. 

Minimal discomfort: Laser therapy feels like a warm tingling sensation on the skin.

Am I a Candidate for Laser Treatments?

If you have redness on your face or cheeks, then you could be a candidate for Forever Young BBL™ or VBeam® Perfecta laser treatment. Before your appointment, you should tell your dermatologist whether you are on any medication and if you have a tendency to develop cold sores from time to time. Patients with particular conditions may need to seek alternative therapies. 

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