At Capital Laser & Skin Care, we use two different laser systems to treat rosacea. While one person might respond better to a pulsed dye laser like the VBeam® Perfecta, others might do well with Forever Young BBL™ using broadband light. 

Rosacea Chevy Chase

*Individuals Results May Vary

How Rosacea Treatments Work

Both of our available laser treatments reduce redness from rosacea, as well as other pigmentation concerns. The laser energy creates heat, which causes visible blood vessels to collapse and be removed by the body.

VBeam® Perfecta

This system delivers bursts of light to the treatment area, targeting red discoloration. The surface veins causing rosacea redness absorb the laser light, which will cause them to gradually fade over time. It can also treat red scars and birthmarks. 

Forever Young BBL™

Emitting light across a broad band of wavelengths, including infrared, this treatment reduces discoloration and redness by targeting and fading broken capillaries and other visible blood vessels under the skin. 

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What is Rosacea Treatment Like?

Both of these treatments may cause a sensation of warmth during treatment. Your provider will make sure you feel comfortable throughout your treatment. The laser energy creates heat when it contacts pigmentation or redness in the skin, helping to break up and remove the sources of unwanted redness or problem skin tone. 

What Results Can I Expect From Treating my Rosacea?

With VBeam® Perfecta, you may start to see results after one treatment, but multiple treatments will ensure that the discoloration continues to fade and that all problem redness has been treated. Treatments take less than 30 minutes to complete. 

With Forever Young BBL™, treatments last about 25-30 minutes. You may see improvements within a week of your first treatment but will need several treatments to achieve desirable results

Since rosacea can be managed but not cured, you may require occasional ongoing treatments to deal with new symptoms as they emerge. At Capital Laser & Skin Care we have helped many rosacea patients with long-term symptom management, and we want to set up a treatment plan that works for you. 

Is There Any Downtime for Rosacea Treatment?

Both treatments may induce some redness and mild swelling in the day or two following your session. A cold pack can help reduce this, but it will go away on its own in a short time. You can resume normal activities right after treatment, and there are no restrictions. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Rosacea Treatment?

If you have rosacea and want better control, you may be a good candidate for treatment. Our two treatment options give us the ability to choose the treatment that works best for your rosacea. 

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