If you have not been able to find relief from your rosacea symptoms, you have other options. We offer non-invasive rosacea treatments to provide clearer, smoother skin with less redness. Pulsed dye lasers and BroadBand light treatments successfully treat rosacea so you can feel less self-conscious about your symptoms. 

What is Rosacea? 

Science has not determined a single cause for rosacea, although genetics, environment, and an overactive immune system likely play a role. Rosacea symptoms include redness, visible blood vessels, bumps and breakouts that resemble acne, and skin sensitivity. Many people with rosacea learn to avoid specific triggers such as spicy foods or certain skin products, but triggers like cold, heat, and wind can be hard to avoid. 

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What are the Best Treatments for Rosacea?

Treatment options for rosacea include over-the-counter and prescription medications, but these will not work for everyone and often provide only partial relief of the facial redness. For significant symptom improvement without the side effects of medication, the team at Capital Laser & Skin Care offers two treatment methods. 

VBeam® Perfecta

The VBeam® Perfecta uses a pulsed dye laser that targets red pigments in the skin. For people with rosacea, it targets the visible blood vessels that cause a flushed, red appearance. The laser energy heats the pigment molecules, breaking down the problem blood vessels and reducing redness. 

Forever Young BBL™

The Forever Young BBL™ system targets broken, visible blood vessels and pigments. It uses BroadBand light with wavelengths, including infrared. This treatment has the added advantage of stimulating collagen for anti-aging effects. 

What Results Will I See With Rosacea Treatment? 

Most people need several treatments to manage their rosacea symptoms. The number of treatments you need will depend on the severity of your rosacea and your response to the treatments. Treatment sessions for Forever Young BBL™ and VBeam® Perfecta last about 30 minutes

Results from both treatment methods will become visible in a few days to a week and will continue to improve with repeated treatments. Because treatments cannot cure rosacea, you may develop more symptoms. Fortunately, scheduled maintenance treatments can make sure your symptoms stay under control. 

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Is There Any Downtime With Rosacea Treatment?

The skin may feel warm and flushed after treatment, but this should go away within a day or two. You can return to work or regular activities immediately after your treatment. We recommend diligent sun protection for rosacea-prone skin, especially after treatment. 

Am I a Candidate for Rosacea Treatment? 

If you have rosacea symptoms and have been searching for an effective treatment, you may be a good candidate for these rosacea treatments. Good candidates have reasonable expectations and understand rosacea symptoms can come back if not properly managed. 

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