Collagen loss occurs as a normal part of aging, and it causes the skin to lose firmness and resilience. Skin-tightening treatments like Ellacor® and Ultherapy® can restore lost collagen. Both treatments can provide excellent results, but they work differently, and we recommend them for different levels of skin tightening. 

What are Ellacor® and Ultherapy® for Skin Laxity? 

Ellacor® and Ultherapy® are two types of non-surgical skin tightening. They both work by triggering cells in the dermis to produce more collagen. By restoring more youthful collagen levels, these treatments address skin laxity and provide a firmer, smoother appearance. Each treatment will work better for individuals with different skin care needs and concerns.

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Ellacor® vs. Ultherapy®: Which Treatment for Skin Laxity is Right for Me?

Only a consultation with your Capital Laser & Skin Care team can determine whether Ellacor® or Ultherapy® will work best for you. They have some similarities and several significant differences. 

Ellacor® vs Ultherapy®: What They Do

Ultherapy® works by using ultrasound energy to heat the deeper layers of skin. This heat triggers collagen development without injury to the skin. Your provider can customize the depth of the ultrasound to target the right skin layers precisely. 

Ellacor® works by removing tiny, fast-healing micro-cores of skin. These cores reach deep into the skin, acting as a powerful stimulator for collagen production. Because Ellacor® is more intensive, it can address more significant skin laxity. 

Ellacor® vs Ultherapy®: What They Treat

Ultherapy® treats skin laxity on the face, neck, and chest. It works so gently that we even recommend it for areas around the eyes. Ellacor® treats the lower face to tighten skin, smooth lines and wrinkles, and improve the definition of the jawline. Since Ultherapy® is non-invasive, it can treat a wider range of areas than Ellacor®. 

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Ellacor® vs Ultherapy®: Downtime

The micro-cores created by Ellacor® take a few days to heal. You can expect about three days of redness and sensitivity. We will recommend waiting a week before resuming your usual routine of products. 

Ultherapy® has little to no downtime. Your skin may look flushed, but you can resume your usual activities immediately. Since Ultherapy® does not injure the skin, you can apply your usual products right away. 

In all cases, wearing sunscreen consistently will protect your new collagen from damaging UV rays after treatment. 

Ellacor® vs Ultherapy®: Results

Both treatments address skin laxity by triggering collagen development. The results of collagen-stimulating treatments typically take several weeks to notice a difference. Full results usually appear three to six months after treatment. You may require occasional maintenance treatments to keep your skin tight and smooth. 

Ellacor® vs Ultherapy® Good Candidates

Good candidates for non-surgical skin tightening have mild to moderate skin laxity. People with significant amounts of loose skin may not see the results they desire. You may also be a good candidate if you want to prevent skin laxity as you age. 

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