Meet the Capital Laser & Skin Care Team Arlington

Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi

Chevy Chase, MD & Washington D.C Area Board Certified Dermatologist

“I love practicing in Washington D.C. The diversity of cultures and experiences have helped develop my aesthetic sensibility and individually customized approach. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to cosmetic treatments.”

Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi is a board-certified dermatologist proudly serving men and women in the Washington D.C. area. After 15 years of practicing cosmetic dermatology in Washington D.C., she founded Capital Laser & Skin Care as her vision of what aesthetic dermatology should be — a private place for men and women to maintain a healthy, vibrant appearance with natural-looking results and minimal downtime.

Natural Results Unique to You

“I focus on artistry and subtlety to help patients look and feel their best.”

Striving to provide each of her patients with his or her best possible outcome, Dr. Tanzi develops a customized treatment plan for each patient that focuses on current needs and outlines a path for maintaining a healthy and natural appearance. This comprehensive approach is how Dr. Tanzi believes the best cosmetic dermatology results are achieved — a vision which every member of her staff shares.

She understands the differences between treating men and women, and she tailors each treatment plan to achieve the desired results. With Dr. Tanzi, men are able to restore a youthful appearance without losing their masculinity, and women can refine youthful feminine features for a stunning, yet natural look.

Putting Patients First

“I want to make sure your skin is healthy before I beautify it.”
For Dr. Tanzi, healthy skin is a top priority. In addition to handpicking each treatment based on the best interests of her patients, she offers complimentary skin cancer screenings and refers patients to specialists if she diagnoses a problem that requires further attention. Her patients appreciate the partnership that Dr. Tanzi forms with them and feel comfortable knowing that she is looking out for them. She believes that beautiful skin always begins with healthy skin.


Dr. Tanzi’s Awards

Dr. Tanzi received the President’s Award from the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery in 2014 from Dr. Jeffrey Dover (left) and again in 2015 from Dr. Juanita Anders (right).

Elizabeth Tanzi, Md Chevy Chase, Md
Elizabeth Tanzi, Md Chevy Chase, Md