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Is a Flabby Belly or Saggy Backside Getting You Down?

Many of us suffer with a soft belly or flat fanny in spite of our efforts to maintain healthy dietary habits and exercise. CoolTone is a revolutionary new device that’s clinically proven to strengthen and define the abdomen and buttocks in ways never thought possible. Capital Laser & Skin Care is proud to be the first in the Washington D.C. and Mid-Atlantic area to offer this amazing new procedure.

How Does CoolTone Work?

Using an advanced handheld device, our medical professionals are able to deliver powerful yet gentle electromagnetic stimulation (EMS) technology to the desired treatment area. The non-invasive CoolTone device triggers maximum muscle contractions that can’t be achieved through rigorous exercise alone. These contractions simultaneously tone, firm, and strengthen multiple muscles simultaneously for long-term results you’ll love.

How CoolTone Work Chevy Chase

Am I a Good Candidate For CoolTone?

If you’re looking for an entirely non-invasive treatment to increase muscle tone and strengthen the core, CoolTone might be the solution for you. CoolTone produces results that are equivalent to doing 25,000+ situps an hour with minimal discomfort, side effects, and no downtime.

CoolTone treatments can be done on their own or paired with non-invasive CoolSculpting procedures for significant fat reduction and muscle toning.

Consultations Are Available Now

Take the first step. Get answers to your questions and find out which treatment option is best for you by meeting with our Board-Certified Dermatologists for an in-person consultation.

Simply fill out the form on this page, and one of our experienced team members at Capital Laser & Skin Care will reach out to you promptly to schedule your consultation.

How Long Does A Typical Treatment Take?

Get faster, longer-lasting results with a simple in-office visit. Each CoolTone treatment generally takes 30-45 minutes to complete. Most patients find it easy to schedule treatments into their busy lifestyles.

What Results Will I See?*

Patients can tone the abdomen and lift the buttocks faster than ever with CoolTone. Capital Laser & Skin Care is the only practice in the Washington DC area to have completed clinical studies with the CoolTone device. We’ve seen exceptional results (and very satisfied patients) when using the device to tone, strengthen, define, and lift the belly and buttocks.  Although most patients feel results after the first treatment, a series of treatments is required to experience the best results.

CoolTone Chevy Chase

Is There Any Downtime?

CoolTone is a no-downtime procedure.  People can get back to their normal daily routine, including going to the gym, immediately after the treatment. There are no restrictions.

Take the First Step – Request A Consultation

Interested in learning more about non-surgical body contouring with CoolTone? We would love to speak with you. Please fill out the form on this page to request a consultation or call our Chevy Chase, MD office today at (301) 234-7669 to schedule your private consultation at our laser and cosmetic dermatology center, located just blocks away from Washington, D.C.

*Individuals Results May Vary

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