Botox Cosmetic is a highly sought-after treatment for addressing visible signs of aging throughout the face and neck. Patients can get a more youthful appearance within days and then prevent the formation of future wrinkles in the treatment area. At Capital Laser & Skin Care, we routinely perform Botox injections for both men and women providing them with a natural look they love.

In most cases, Botox injections last from three to six months so you can keep your youthful appearance all summer long. However, there are some contributing factors that can affect the longevity of Botox. Let’s take a closer look.

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#1: The Area Being Treated

Botox is often used to correct forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, and neck bands. Smaller muscles tend to respond better to initial treatments. Patients can expect treatment in areas such as crow’s feet to last slightly longer than treating forehead lines.

#2: Your Lifestyle Habits

Men and women with active lifestyles can see their Botox wear off more quickly. Botox is broken down over time through natural metabolic processes so exercising can sometimes quicken that metabolism.

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#3: Your Gender

That’s right. Your gender can actually play a role in how long your Botox will last. Men typically have stronger facial muscles than women so Botox can fade slightly faster when the same amount of product is used.

#4: 1st Time Users

Beginner users may need touch-up sessions more quickly than patients that get regular treatments. Typically, 1st time Botox users can expect their results to last on the lower end of the 3-6 month estimate. Over time, muscles can weaken allowing patients to get longer-lasting results with less product. Not everyone will experience this effect and for some, they may require more Botox at future visits to maintain the wrinkle-relaxing effects.

During your initial consultation, your Board-Certified Dermatologist will help determine if Botox is right for you and when maintenance treatments may be necessary.

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*Individual results may vary.