Sclerotherapy treats spider veins and varicose veins by injecting them with a solution that causes the vein to close. This method requires no surgery and very little downtime, so it is often the treatment of choice for spider veins and smaller varicose veins. 

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*Individuals Results May Vary

What is Sclerotherapy?

“Sclero” means “to harden”, and sclerotherapy causes the inside walls of the vein to scar and harden. This causes the vein to collapse, redirecting blood to healthier veins. With no blood flowing through it, the treated vein will lose color and will slowly be absorbed by the body. 

How Sclerotherapy Works

Your Capital Laser & Skin professional injects an FDA-approved sclerotherapy solution into the problem vein. This solution acts as an irritant, causing scarring and damage to the inside layers of the vein. This will cause the collapse of the vein, redirecting the blood flow. 

Since the vein has been damaged and is no longer in use, the body will break it down and absorb it, causing it to fade or disappear completely. Not all patients will see a total disappearance of the problem vein, but should still see a dramatic improvement as the color fades. In addition, anyone experiencing symptoms from their varicose veins such as tingling, numbness, or aching should see these symptoms resolve. 

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What Results Can I Expect From Sclerotherapy?

You can expect that the vein will begin to scar and collapse after the sclerotherapy agent is injected. Symptomatic varicose veins may stop causing discomfort as the blood will be rerouted to healthier veins. You may need multiple treatments to completely close the malfunctioning vein. The procedure takes on average about 15-30 minutes

You will see a dramatic fading of the treated vein, and it may disappear completely. Your Capital Laser & Skin Care Board Certified Dermatologist can give you some idea of what results you may see, but each patient will respond differently. Veins that have bothered you for a long time may become nearly invisible.

Is There Any Downtime for Sclerotherapy?

You may experience itching or bruising, which should go away within a few days. You may use Tylenol (acetaminophen) to treat minor discomfort, but do not use other over-the-counter pain medications like aspirin. 

You will receive a compression garment to wear at all times for the first 24 hours, followed by wearing it during the day and removing it to sleep. You can still walk around, and walking will be required as part of your recovery. You should protect the treated area from sunlight and harsh chemicals, and you should wait a few days before returning to more strenuous activities. 

Am I a Good Candidate For Sclerotherapy?

Most people with spider veins or small varicose veins can receive this therapy. The best candidates have these veins on the legs, ankles, or feet, although sclerotherapy can also treat veins on the face or other areas. 

Your Capital Laser & Skin doctor will conduct a thorough examination and consultation before deciding if this procedure will work well for you. Depending on your personal medical conditions and the type of vein issues you have, they may recommend sclerotherapy or a different treatment. 

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