PRP injections have gained prominence in recent years for their seemingly miraculous ability to restore hair, help sports stars recover from injuries, and improve wound healing after surgery. 

The treatment involves removing blood from the body, concentrating the healing factors it contains, and then reinjecting it into specific sites for cosmetic and medical benefits. 

*Individuals Results May Vary

About Platelet-Rich Plasma

PRP stands for “platelet-rich plasma.” Plasma is the watery protein-rich medium that facilitates the movement of blood cells around your body. 

Platelets are a constituent of blood plasma that play an important role in healing. They enable the body to form clots, stopping you from losing too much blood when you cut yourself. 

Doctor and cosmetic surgeons discovered some time ago that concentrating platelets in a centrifuge and re-injecting them into the body can assist in healing and recovery. In many cases, the therapy reduces the need to take anti-inflammatory and pain-relief medications with undesirable side-effects. 

PRP Applications

While PRP offers medical benefits, at Capital Laser & Skin Care, we use it to restore lost or thinning hair. 

As people get older, changes in genetics and hormones can cause hair to thin and drop out. While men are most affected by thinning, recession, and pattern baldness, it can also affect many women too. 

Platelet-rich plasma injections from Dr. Tanzi, Dr. Peters, Dr. Shah and their team can stop this process in its tracks and thicken hair. Factors in PRP activate latent growth factors, encouraging dormant follicles to start producing hair again. Over time, new strands grow, adding thickness and vitality. 

The benefits of PRP injections for hair usually become apparent within two to three months. However, since pattern hair loss is an ongoing process, returning to the clinic for regular maintenance sessions is essential.

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Benefits of PRP

The benefits of PRP at Capital Laser & Skin Care are considerable. 

  • Healthier-looking hair: PRP reactivates hair follicles that might have stopped producing hair. Injections add fullness and shine.
  • Low to no risk of rejection: The beauty of PRP is that it uses the body’s own tissues to stimulate the growth and recovery of hair. Thus, the risk of rejection or adverse immune reactions is minimal. The body already recognizes its own proteins, and so won’t mount an immune response when receiving concentrated platelet infusions. 
  • Quick results: PRP therapy generates results in just two to three months. Hair looks thicker, fuller, and healthier than before, restoring its youthful vitality. 

Am I a Candidate for PRP?

Hereditary and pattern balding can leave you feeling bad about your self-image. However, PRP injections can slow and even reverse the process. If you have thinning hair and would like to restore thickness, then you could be a great candidate for platelet-rich plasma therapy.

Capital laser and skin care is the best dermatology practice I’ve ever been to. I’ve seen both Dr. Peters and Dr. Tanzi, who are both extremely intelligent, caring, highly skilled, practical – and gorgeous! The staff is excellent – very caring, skilled, excellent training, professional, and easy to talk to. I highly recommend Capital Laser to anyone seeking to take fabulous care of their skin. You will be in the best hands here.

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