Prevention is the best way to prevent skin damage, but even with diligent skincare, signs of aging still appear. For those new to laser treatments or looking for a gentle way to undo early signs of aging, MOXI™ may be a good choice. This laser treatment has become popular among those seeking to minimize the signs of aging, like loss of collagen and hyperpigmentation.

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What is MOXI™?

MOXI™ is a fractionated laser that acts at a wavelength of 1927 nanometers, a wavelength that’s gentle on the skin but still tough on hyperpigmentation, uneven tone, and other signs of aging or sun damage. MOXI™ can be used as a maintenance treatment to slow the development of aging skin.

How MOXI™ Works

The laser energy targets pigmentation in your skin to lighten hyperpigmented areas and improve the consistency of your skin tone. The laser penetrates the skin to a microscopic depth, triggering pigment removal as well as activating the skin’s natural repair processes.

This micro-damage causes the rebuilding of collagen, a protein key to keeping the skin youthful-looking and full of volume. Other lasers also stimulate collagen production, but only MOXI™ works so gently that even young people with great-looking skin choose it as a maintenance treatment to keep their existing collagen from weakening. 

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What Can MOXI™ Do?

MOXI™can target early signs of aging and sun damage, like hyperpigmentation, uneven tone, dullness, and uneven texture. Because MOXI™ does not penetrate as deeply as some other lasers, it does not treat more severe signs of aging such as heavy lines and wrinkles. It works best for people with light or minor issues who want to prevent them from progressing.

Regular use can strengthen the collagen matrix that supports the skin, keeping your face looking healthy and firm. It can also continue to break down hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone as it appears. Ongoing treatment can keep skin looking younger, smoother, and more refreshed even when signs of aging would normally start to appear. 

Is There Any Downtime for MOXI™?

Your skin may look reddened and you may feel some tingling after the procedure, but this lasts only a few minutes to hours. You should avoid applying makeup for the rest of the day, but can start using gentle skin products on the second day. 

Am I a Good Candidate For MOXI™?

If you have minor signs of aging and sun damage or want to prevent these from occurring, MOXI™ may be a great choice for you

The ideal candidate is someone either beginning their journey into laser skincare or looking for a gentle, no-downtime maintenance treatment. If you have severe signs of aging, your provider may recommend a different or more intensive treatment for you. 

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