Cellulite forms as the result of age, heredity, and other factors. Its dimpled appearance can make people self-conscious, afraid to wear shorts or swimsuits. Fortunately, you have treatment options available. We offer two safe, non-surgical methods of treating cellulite, so meet with us for a consultation and we can help choose the right treatment for you. 

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*Individuals Results May Vary

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite appears as a dimpling or an “orange peel” appearance, most often on the thighs and buttocks. This appearance comes from fibrous bands underneath the skin. These bands do not stretch or flex, so when they become attached to fat, they hold it down and create a dimple. Meanwhile, the fat between these bands forms a lumpy appearance. 

The fat that forms cellulite will not go away completely even with weight management. It is particularly hard to burn off, and this makes cellulite such a problem for those who want to improve their overall appearance or just feel better in their clothes. 

How RESONIC™ Works

RESONIC™ uses RAP (rapid acoustic pulse) technology to send up to 100 pulses per second into the skin. This causes no harm to the skin but breaks up the fibrous bands in the cellulite tissue. The pulses happen at a speed that targets these bands and leaves skin untouched. 

Cellulite Treatment Consultations Available

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What Results Can I Expect From Cellulite Treatment?

Both treatments work by releasing the tight fibrous bands adhering to fat cells. As a result, you should see a decrease in the dimples and lumpy appearance caused by these bands. 

Results for RESONIC™ may be visible after just one session. 

Is There Any Downtime for RESONIC™?

You should be able to resume normal activities after these treatments.

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you have cellulite you want to get rid of and you are willing to wait for the results of treatment to become noticeable, you may be a good candidate for cellulite treatment. 

I was very happy with the service at capital laser and skin care for cool sculpting on my arms. All the staff is very professional and made my treatment comfortable. The results from the first treatment motivated me to lose more weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. It almost felt like a spa day, highly recommended.


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