Rosacea and facial redness is a source of embarrassment for many men and women. Flare-ups can range from slight redness to dark patches or pimple-like lesions on the skin. The condition can often be itchy, painful, and debilitating on day-to-day life. While there is no cure for rosacea, we are able to address the symptoms and prolong your rosacea remission as long as possible.

Facial Redness Chevy Chase

*Individual results may vary.*

At Capital Laser & Skin Care, we offer several options to help slow the progression of facial redness. Depending on the severity of your condition, you may be better suited for one over the other. Rosacea treatments are done in-office and typically require little to no downtime.

VBeam® Perfecta

VBeam® Perfecta is a powerful, yet gentle pulsed dye laser that works to fade pigmentation issues over time. The unique laser sends rapid pulses of light energy to burst blood vessels on the topmost layers of skin. Eventually, the body absorbs the damaged blood vessels via natural metabolic processes.

Treatments take 10-20 minutes and are well tolerated among the majority of patients. You may feel a slightly warm or tight sensation throughout the procedure. Multiple treatments may be needed to achieve your desired results. VBeam® is a very highly-customizable procedure. Aggressive treatments can have a recovery time of 24-hours or more, and lighter sessions have no downtime.

Capital Laser is such a wonderful place! Dr. Shah and the entire staff are so helpful and so focused on the customer. I was so impressed with the beautiful office and the friendly, helpful staff from first phone call to follow up phone calls. I honestly felt as though I went to a luxurious spa instead of a doctors office. I would highly recommend Capital Laser!

Forever Young BBL™

Forever Young BBL™ works similar to that of VBeam®. BroadBand Light (BBL™) enlists the help of thermal wavelengths to break up pigmented cells while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. Over time, the body reabsorbs dead cells leaving you with clearer, smoother skin.

Forever Young BBL™ is a non-invasive procedure with minimal downtime. The procedure is ideal for patients with less severe concerns such as mild to moderate facial redness. Several BBL™ treatments may be necessary to get an optimal outcome. Treatments are quick, easy, and virtually painless thanks to Forever Young’s integrated cooling system.

What’s Right for You?

Facial redness and rosacea are easily treatable especially when a flare-up is caught early-on. With a variety of non-invasive solutions, we’re sure to have an option that’s suitable for your individual needs. The best way to determine your candidacy for facial redness treatments is through an in-person consultation with a skilled dermatologist.

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*Individual Results May Vary