We are no stranger to the political circus that surrounds us at Capital Laser & Skin Care. Neighboring Washington DC, we too experience our fair share of the political ebb and flow. In fact, many of our patients come to us hoping to escape the toll that the stress of it all has taken on their appearance. As one could expect, this year is unlike any other.

It seems we are not the only ones noticing an upswing in the need for rejuvenation. Harper’s Bazaar reported that searches and inquiries for Botox injections have noticeably increased since the election last fall. In the article, Botox Injections Have Spiked Since the Presidential Election, author Jenna Rosenstein writes, “It’s been a rough four months since the presidential election. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, we’re sure you can agree.” What does this have to do with skincare, you ask? As the article continues, “And all that stress? Well, it’s taking a toll on our skin.”

Concerning President Trump, Dr. Tanzi told Politico, “A small amount of Botox could soften his look.”

More People Are Seeking Out for Botox Since the Election

In January, searches for Botox hit a 12-year high on Google. Google wasn’t the only website to see an increase in searches for Botox. RealSelf, a site dedicated to cosmetic enhancement, also reported a higher number of searches. “Botox, which usually sees a pretty steady rate of interest on RealSelf, had a bump in U.S. traffic recently. Interest in Cosmetic Toxins (Botox) is up four percent in the last three months alone,” a company spokesperson told Bazaar.

Why Botox? And, Why Now?

When injected, Botox, a form of botulinum neuromodulator, works by preventing certain muscles from contracting. Crow’s feet (around the eyes), forehead furrows, and frown lines (between the eyebrows) are amongst the most popular areas treated with Botox at our Chevy Chase practice.

While it is most popularly known and used for cosmetic enhancement, Botox can relieve other stress related symptoms, including:

You Too Can Benefit from Botox at Capital Laser & Skin Care!

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