If your legs have an orange peel-like appearance, you may benefit from cellulite removal techniques from Capital Laser & Skin Care. These address the underlying causes of cellulite, helping you to achieve smoother-looking skin. Here’s what you need to know. 

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What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is not caused by excessive weight gain or even poor diet. Instead, it has to do with how your body stores fat. 

The body produces small compartments called collagen septae to store fat. These structures are helpful because they prevent fat from sloshing around when you move. In normal circumstances, these compartments do not tug on the fat they contain. So, as viewed from outside, the skin looks smooth. 

However, in some cases, septae can squeeze fat, causing it to bulge outward toward the skin. When this happens, it produces the cellulite’s characteristic dimpling. 

Effective Cellulite Treatments

Drs. Tanzi, Shah and Peters are proud to offer their patients two effective treatments to combat cellulite: Qwo® and RESONIC™. Capital Laser & Skin Care are the first in their area to provide these revolutionary cellulite treatments.


Qwo® is an FDA-cleared, enzyme-based injectable that breaks down collagen bands under the skin. When it comes into contact with septae, it accelerates a chemical reaction which breaks down their walls, causing them to loosen their grip on the fat that they contain. This process then reduces visible dimpling at the surface.

Qwo® is a localized treatment, meaning that it only targets the areas that you want to address. Results appear in around ten weeks. Most patients require three separate treatments, spaced three weeks apart. 


RESONIC™ is a new treatment from the leading cosmetic technology company, Soliton. It works by delivering high-pressure acoustic shockwaves to cellulite at a rate of around 100 pulses per second. These pulses are called RAP (Rapide Acoustic Pulses™). These waves of energy lead to physical changes in the structure of collagen septae, encouraging them to loosen and break down, without damaging any of the surrounding tissue.

Previously, plastic surgeons used the technology for tattoo removal in conjunction with Q-Switched lasers. However, it now has FDA clearance to treat cellulite too. 

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Benefits of Cellulite Treatments

The benefits of cellulite treatments are considerable. They include: 

  • Reduced appearance of dimpling on the surface of the skin
  • The ability to target specific areas of the body (such as the legs or buttocks) without harming the surrounding tissues
  • Zero downtime. Both Qwo® and RESONIC™ allow you to resume your regular schedule immediately after treatment
  • No need for surgery. Qwo® and RESONIC™ let you loosen cellulite-causing collagen septae without having to go under the knife
  • Results that last for years
  • Proven results on women with severe cellulite 

Am I a Candidate for Cellulite Treatments?

Both Qwo® and RESONIC™ are safe, minimally-invasive cellulite treatments and, therefore, suitable for most women. Suitable candidates for Qwo® are women of all ages, body types and ethnicities, so long as they are not allergic to the medication. RESONIC™ is well-tolerated by all patients and particularly appealing for those who want a wholly non-invasive way of reducing cellulite.

I was very happy with the service at capital laser and skin care for cool sculpting on my arms. All the staff is very professional and made my treatment comfortable. The results from the first treatment motivated me to lose more weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. It almost felt like a spa day, highly recommended.


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