For decades, hair transplant surgery has been the gold standard when it comes to hair restoration. However, not all patients have the time or money to commit to the lengthy procedure. At Capital Laser & Skin Care, we offer minimally-invasive PRP treatments as a safe and effective alternative to hair transplant surgery.

Whether you’re experiencing hair thinning or early-on patches of hair loss (alopecia), PRP treatments may be able to help. Treatments are quick, easy, and virtually painless compared to traditional surgical methods.

Prp Hair Restoration Chevy Chase

How Does PRP for Hair Restoration Work?

PRP treatments are done in-office and can often be scheduled into your busy routine. First, your Skin Care specialist will perform a simple blood draw on the upper arm. The sample will then be sent to our lab for processing while you wait. Your treatment areas will be cleaned, marked, and a topical anesthetic can be applied for maximum comfort throughout treatment.

Once the platelets, stem cells, and other growth factors are isolated, they will be reinjected at precise depths for an optimal outcome. The powerful PRP serum immediately starts to go to work and growth factors begin to mimic surrounding cells. The advanced PRP technique stops hair thinning and loss while also promoting long-term hair regrowth. The best results are seen when combined with other treatments that promote hair growth such as supplements and minoxidil.

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What Recovery & Results Can I Expect?

Most men and women won’t need any time off after PRP treatments. Get back to your normal routine with minimal restrictions immediately after your in-office procedure. Because PRP uses your own cells to activate hair regrowth, there is no risk for allergic reaction. Side effects are typically minor and short-lived but can include redness, slight swelling, and tenderness.

Results can be seen in as little as several weeks with greater improvement over the course of 2-3 months. In most cases, you will need a series of treatments to achieve an optimal outcome with this minimally-invasive procedure. Your Skin Care specialist will customize a treatment plan at the time of your initial consultation to help you meet your short and long-term goals.

Capital Laser is such a wonderful place! Dr. Shah and the entire staff are so helpful and so focused on the customer. I was so impressed with the beautiful office and the friendly, helpful staff from first phone call to follow up phone calls. I honestly felt as though I went to a luxurious spa instead of a doctors office. I would highly recommend Capital Laser!

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