Have you noticed smile lines, frown lines, or other wrinkles? While Botox® is more widely known, Daxxify™ also provides excellent results. Capital Laser and Skin Care offer both of these wrinkle-smoothing treatments so our dermatologists can choose the right one to meet your needs. More and more people are enjoying the benefits of Daxxify™. 

What are Botox® vs. Daxxify™?

Botox® and Daxxify™ are neuromodulators that use different forms of botulinum toxin. This compound smooths lines and wrinkles by interfering with the communication between facial muscles and nerves. When injected, Botox® and Daxxify™ travel to the targeted facial nerves. They cause the nerves to stop sending signals, letting the facial muscles relax and stop tugging and creasing your skin. 

*Individuals Results May Vary

Botox® vs. Daxxify™: What’s the Difference?

Since Botox® and Daxxify™ have botulinum toxin as their active ingredient, they are very similar in the basics of what they do. However, they differ in several important ways. 

How Are They Delivered?

Botulinum toxin cannot do its job alone. Botox® and Daxxify™ both use proteins to escort the active ingredient. In Botox®, this protein is serum albumin, which comes from human and animal-based components. Daxxify™ uses a smaller peptide that helps it reach its destination more quickly and last longer. 

How Long Do They Last?

Botox® lasts three to four months, for some people Daxxify™ has been shown to last at least six months and sometimes up to nine. The advantage of an injectable that lasts twice as long has added to the allure of Daxxify™.

What Do They Treat?

Daxxify™ and Botox® both treat facial lines and wrinkles. They can be used in most of the same places. The most significant difference is that Botox® is also FDA-approved for numerous medical uses, including treating hyperhidrosis and migraines. 

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

The small peptide in Daxxify™ can help it reach your nerve cells and start working more quickly. Botox® results may appear in about three days, with full results in seven to ten days. Daxxify™ results can appear within a day or two

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Is There Downtime After Botox® or Daxxify™?

You will not have any downtime with Botox® or Daxxify™. You can return to your usual activities immediately after treatment. You might notice minor bruising or swelling, but this usually fades within a day or two. Both treatments usually take 15 minutes and can fit into a lunch break. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Botox® or Daxxify™?

If you are already using Botox®, you are most likely a good candidate for Daxxify™. They work nearly identical ways but have differences that will help your Capital Laser & Skin Care Center dermatologist choose one for you. You may not be a good candidate if you are pregnant or have certain medical conditions. 

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