Microneedling is a popular treatment option for patients seeking total skin rejuvenation. It’s easy to see why the minimally-invasive procedure is so highly sought after. Microneedling has been around for years and with consistently proven results, the procedure has shown itself to be more than just a fad among celebrities and socialites. We’re happy to say, microneedling isn’t going anywhere.

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At Capital Laser & Skin Care, we’re taking microneedling treatments to the next level. We offer two unique types of microneedling procedures allowing for maximum efficacy according to a patients’ individual needs. With regular microneedling treatments, we’re able to give men and women the smoothest, most radiant skin of their life.

#1: Custom Microneedling Procedures

Patients can opt for traditional microneedling for skin rejuvenation or choose radiofrequency-based microneedling to address more severe problems. Both procedures produce exceptional results with long-lasting benefits. Minimally-invasive microneedling treatments can safely be done throughout the face and body to improve overall texture and tone. During your in-person consultation, your Skin Care specialist will help determine what’s right for you.

#2: Combat a Variety of Concerns at Once

Microneedling helps combat your individual concerns as well as providing total skin rejuvenation. Say goodbye to a variety of age-related problems including everything from fine lines to deep wrinkles and textural problems. Sun damage is also no match for microneedling procedures. If you’re bothered by hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, or crepey skin caused by too much fun in the sun, microneedling may be a good non-surgical solution.

#3: Minimally-Invasive Treatment with Limited Recovery

Microneedling is done in-office and requires little to no downtime.  While side effects from microneedling are often minimal, you can expect some redness, swelling, tenderness, and/or pinpoint bleeding immediately after treatment.

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#4: Make the Most Out of Your Skincare Products

One of the biggest benefits of microneedling is the ability to maximize the efficacy of your at-home products. The tiny micro-channels allow your products to deeply penetrate to the lower levels of tissue making less product necessary to achieve the same results. Makeup will also go on much smoother after microneedling treatments for a professional-looking application.

#5: Lasting Results You’ll Love

Microneedling helps trigger long-term collagen and elastin production. With regular treatments, patients can actually improve their skin’s overall health and reverse visible signs of aging. Acne scars and stretch marks can be improved indefinitely with microneedling treatments.  Maintenance treatments can be done as needed as the aging process continues.

Capital Laser is such a wonderful place! Dr. Shah and the entire staff are so helpful and so focused on the customer. I was so impressed with the beautiful office and the friendly, helpful staff from first phone call to follow up phone calls. I honestly felt as though I went to a luxurious spa instead of a doctors office. I would highly recommend Capital Laser!


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